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Vanilla Ice Cream

How does gelato differ from ice cream?

Many people think gelato is simply Italian for ice cream, however it is in fact distinctly different 


  • Gelato contains more milk and less cream than traditional ice cream and is therefore lower in fat and sugar

  • Gelato is churned at a slower rate, and so contains less air, making it denser than ice cream

  • Gelato is served at a warmer temperature and tastes best at -12ºC, whereas ice cream is typically served at -18ºC

  • All these factors mean gelato has a more intense flavour and a silky smooth texture, as cold, fat and air restrict the taste buds

Joanna's Gelato is proud to sell

What makes Baboo Gelato different?

All Baboo Gelato contains organic milk from Holy Cow in North Perrott, Somerset,

which has exceptional animal welfare standards. 

Other ingredients are also sourced locally where possible.

For example, the mint choc chip gelato uses 100% peppermint oil from Summerdown Mint in Hampshire,

whilst the salted caramel gelato contains Dorset Sea Salt,

and the coffee gelato contains cold brew coffee from Read's Coffee in Sherborne.

Inevitably there are always some ingredients which cannot be sourced locally,

but Baboo try to find the best suppliers and buy direct from farms rather than using large bulk intermediaries.

They therefore buy their nuts direct from farms in Piedmont, Veneto and Sicily.


Baboo Gelato value their relationships with their suppliers,

and believe that by working directly with the farmers they can be sure of the quality.

Then, Baboo add real ingredients - not flavourings

Baboo try to source their ingredients as locally as possible so most of the fresh fruit comes from the west country. 

For example, fresh Somerset strawberries from

Forde Abbey are pureed into their Strawberry Gelato,

whilst elderflowers are picked from local hedgerows.

Strawberry Gelato.png


Madagascan Vanilla

Double Chocolate


Salted Caramel

Mint Choc Chip


Rum & Raisin


Maple & Walnut


Chocolate Hazelnut

Damson Ripple


Crystallised Ginger

Peanut Choc Chip


Vegan Chocolate

Joanna's Gelato generally stocks 10 flavours in the van at any one time.

If you would like us to attend your event, you will be able to choose which flavours we supply when booking.

Joanna's Gelato use UK-made waffle cones, gluten-free cones and biodegradable tubs and spoons.

Take Home Tubs

Take home tubs.webp

Enjoyed your gelato or sorbet at my van?

Why not buy a tub to take home?

500ml tubs - £7 each

Available in the following flavours:

Madagasgan Vanilla

Double Chocolate


Salted Caramel

Mint Choc Chip


Rum & Raisin

Maple & Walnut


Passionfruit Sorbet

Elderflower Sorbet

Raspberry Sorbet

Blackcurrant Sorbet

Orange Sorbet

Lemon Sorbet

Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Vanilla

I only have space to stock a small selection of take home tubs in my van, so if you are after a particular flavour please let me know and I'll order it in for you.

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